Property Sales QR codes


QR Code Property App

The Property QR Code comes with all the call to action functions you would expect from a QR code mobile web app including map navigator images and video.
The property QR Code and paired App is a convenient way for users to view a property at curb side. From their mobile phone they are able to view the property and see any relevant details.
With one touch actions the user can contact the estate agent or self-seller.
The QR code board can be used again and again, just move the board to the next property and change the details.

  • Each code has Google Analytics enabled so you can gauge prospective buyer interest
  • Potential buyers experience convenience looking up additional information on the spot
  • A potential buyer has the option to contact a real estate agent in several different ways
  • In a few short taps on a smart phone or tablet, a potential buyer can view images and videos of the property
  • Potential buyers can share the QR code on social networking sites, giving estate agents and private home sellers increased exposure
  • Estate agents and private home sellers can change the details of their QR code on the fly

Vehicle QR Code and paired App. £30 Inc. Vat per annum.

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