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QR codes for vehicles

Modern and extremely cost-effective way to supply information about a vehicle to passing trade 24 hours a day.

The code can be placed in-car after car and all you have to do is login to your account and change the details that are displayed when the QR code is scanned “Example” on a mobile device landing page below.

QR codes can enhance and add value in many different types of businesses, including car dealerships. Why are QR Codes ideal for vehicle sales? The car shopper now has more access to information than ever before. The internet gives access to millions of new and used cars.

Shoppers are the empowered informational buyers. In today’s modern world retailers can only benefit from aiding the buyer with the information needed to empower them in making an informed choice.

By utilizing QR codes, car dealerships are able to empower the car buyer with information on their smart phone. This information can be saved, texted or emailed to any parties involved in the buying process, enabling absent parties a virtual tour of a prospective purchase.

First off, let’s not forget the main goal: lead generation. For dealers who aren’t open 7 days a week, QR codes are a great tool to capture information when no one is around. Or maybe someone has had a bad experience with car salesman and would prefer to scan the code and request more information via e-mail. Purchasing a vehicle isn’t an impulse buy. It’s a purchase that many research, compare, and price shop. Utilizing QR codes can help make this research process easier for the buyer by storing the information of the car directly on their phone. Stay ahead of the competition get smart with QR Codes.

You can edit and change vehicle details, as many times as you wish.

Every time a Vehicle is sold simply log into your account go to the relevant serial number for that QR Code and replace the data fields
with information about the next stock Vehicle you are selling.

Using your account page is designed to be easy just upload vehicle details and images press save.
From the QR code generator upload the image or sales board for the QR Code, save and print.


Vehicle QR Code and paired App. £20 Inc. Vat per annum.

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